Asana and Pranayam

Yoganeedam provides you with a 15-day continuous session to ensure that your health smoothly copes with the rhythm of daily classes so you feel mentally and physically comfortable with what you are learning.




Mature and Seniors


15 days


Asana and Pranayama are easy and difficult at the same time. Without proper insight they can cause more harm than good.

Yoganeedam Approach

According to Yogic scriptures, there are 72000 energy channels in the body. Asana and Pranayama help to activate them. Our knowledgeable instructors teach you the nuances of doing Asana and Pranayam to give best results.


15-day mandatory class

This 15-day initial session will allow us to assess what is best for you in terms of exercises and follow-up. At the end of this period, you will receive an email from Yoganeedam, in which you will find your instructor’s observations day by day. we will then discuss with you and agree on the right program.

The schedule for 15-day mandatory introductory class is :

  • First week: Awareness of breathing sequence, difference between inhalation and exhalation, better breathing process, the first step of understanding how balanced breathing helps us towards meditation.
  • Second week: Connecting movements with breathing, flexibility, understanding the body’s interface, the movements of the body, and adjustment of the body and mind.

Cost of 15-day mandatory class : 250 USD ($16/hour)

Medium of class

Yoganeedam is an online institution, and all its services are provided online, using the following modes:

Individual classes: Skype, Google Meet, Zoom, WhatsApp, Telegram, Google Duo

Group classes: Skype, Google Meet, Zoom, WhatsApp (if no other option available)

Please note: If you miss your individual class, you are welcome to join a group class on the same day. If you opt for this, we will send you a link.

Duration of class

Each Asana and Pranayama class last for one hour. It consists of 10 minutes of warm up, 20 minutes of yogasana, 5 minutes of rest to drink water, etc., 15 minutes of Pranayama / Breathing exercises and 10 minutes of Meditation practice.

NOTE: Your Yoganeedam instructor may change the pattern of classes according to your needs.

Schedule of class

3 classes in a week = 12 classes in a month

Week Monday Wedneday Friday
First Full body Pranayama Stability and Full body
Second Core and Hip opening Pranayama Core and Full body
Third Balance and stability Specific techniques of Pranayama Shoulder, neck and Balance
Fourth Lower back and cardiologic Relaxation and techniques to help meditate Full body

5 classes in a week = 20 classes in a month

Week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
First Full body Core Balance and Stability Pranayama Lower back and full body
Second Core and full body Balance and stability Wall support poses Pranayama Lower back and full body
Third Chair yoga full body Hip opening and Pranayama Cells rejuvenation Relaxation Specific Pranayama and Specific relaxation
Fourth Hip opening and full body Core muscles Lower back Wall support and relaxation Sun salutation

Weekend classes = 8 classes in a month

Week Saturday Sunday
First Customised class Customised class
Second Customised class Customised class
Third Customised class Customised class
Fourth Customised class Customised class

Monthly class fee structure

5 Classes in a week (20 classes in a month)


300 USD

Group of 2

250 USD per person

Group of 4

150 USD per person


3 Classes in a week (12 classes in a month)


250 USD

Group of 2

200 USD per person

Group of 4

125 USD per person


Weekend (8 classes in a month)


200 USD

Group of 2

175 USD per person

Group of 4

100 USD per person