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Malin review

I took lessons from Vineet from Yoganeedam. I had done yoga before on and off but once I started to take lessons from Vineet I realised he was a level above anyone else I had ever met. His knowledge of yoga and how it can help is vast for someone so young and his quite, gentle demeanour is a soothing presence. I think what really impressed me the most about the lessons was the time he took to make sure the position was correct. If I was not able to maintain the position posture correctly Vineet would make corrections or suggest another one that was more suited to my flexibility (or the lack their off). He patiently and gently guided me until I got it right and in a relatively short time I started to notice a difference in my body. I unequivocally recommend anyone to take lessons from Vineet at Yoganeedam. You will not regret your choice.

adrian review

Having moved from Australia to India for employment I decided to take some yoga lessons through Vineet Panday and the team at Yoganeedam. Vineet is a very well presented professional, his knowledge in this field is exceptional and he plans and structures his lessons very well. Suitable for private tuition, groups or online. A fantastic person, and a great instructor. Highly recommended.

sukla yoga

Your hold over yoga asanas is comprehensive. Though the internet connectivity can be better.

amit jani

This one hour of yoga makes us fresh.
The classes are taken so nicely they teach as every step by step, they take atmost care that we do it properly.
I am lucky to learn yoga from this center.
Salute to the teachers who have brought a change in our life.


You have all my gratitude for teaching me two years ago a set of yoga techniques to overcome pain due to sciatica. I am now practicing these exercices on a daily basis and feel confident in my capacity to prevent it from reoccuring, at least in such an acute and disabling way