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Exploring the Essence of Yoga

Yoganeedam is a yoga platform from India which is dedicated to a pure and traditional school of yogic practice combined with advanced contemporary knowledge of yoga. Yoganeedam targets in particular, but not exclusively, mature and senior individuals (age 40 and above) with the aim of contributing significantly to their physical and mental well-being.


Yoganeedam results from extensive field work and a series of individual classes. Positive and encouraging words expressed by most patrons made us realize that there is a need to reach bigger audiences in a well-coordinated way. To that end, we started to promote a deeply humanistic approach of yoga and meditation.

The whole project reflects this assessment. We didn’t reconsider it. This being said, the COVID 19 sanitary crisis has shown the fragility of both developed and developing societies and convinced many among us that this world is becoming increasingly unpredictable and dangerous. We think that in such challenging times, when there is a general feeling of disorientation, yoga and meditation may empower individuals, especially the most vulnerable ones, the elderly, by helping them to tap into their physical and mental resources.


During his explorations, Yoganeedam founder, Vineet Panday, met people from all walks of life and noticed that most of them under-estimate their potential. So he came up with the idea of spreading awareness of the real meaning and benefits of yoga, based on a distinctive and very practical approach to this holistic discipline, while focusing on people’s body structure and lifestyle.

Consequently, Yoganeedam offers scientific and personalized yogic practice designed to enhance harmony and balance in body, mind and spirit for a healthier and happier life.

As few institutions provide this type of service to people beyond a certain age, often for fear of injury, Yoganeedam has adopted a different policy and targets in particular, but not exclusively, mature and senior individuals ( 40 and above ).


We are happy to provide very specific therapies in line with both traditional Indian culture and modern scientific achievements.

As stated earlier, we specialize in yoga and meditation classes for mature and senior citizens but upon request we may propose classes to younger audiences including pregnant women, students and those suffering from a number of diseases.

Subject to favorable travel regulations we may also visit institutions abroad.


We are committed to remain highly professional, reliable and accountable for the assistance we provide to registered members of Yoganeedam. We welcome them as part of our family without any distinction related to age, gender, religion or social background. It is our hope that members understand and appreciate what Yogic science is and how it affects positively their daily lives based on what we learnt from our own masters.

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Advantages of registering with Yoganeedam

There is no enrolment fee as such. Students pay tuition fees only for the classes they attend.

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Few words from the founder

“From time to time people ask me why I decided to dedicate my life to yoga for older people.

I came up with this idea during my childhood. Actually, what I had in mind at that time was rooted in very natural feelings: I was enjoying and even seeking the company of elders. I loved listening to their stories and views on life. Nothing could make me happier than being asked for help by someone of that age.

Traditionally in India we are taught to respect elders, listen to them, sit next to them and benefit from what they share with us.

अभिवादनशीलस्य नित्यं वृद्धोपसेविनः ।
चत्वारि तस्य वर्द्धन्ते आयुर्विद्यायशोबलम् ।।

A person with good temper, showing respect to elders, with love, care and dedication, lives a long life, and becomes wise, famous, strong and powerful.

With time, I developed an even deeper interest in understanding elders and getting closer to them.

Step by step, I started thinking about their condition in our modern society and how lonely they become when family bonds are lost, younger generations turning more individualistic.

Since my late teens I have met many elderly people and I always tried to expand my knowledge of their needs and expectations. Frankly, I was ashamed to notice how selfish and ungrateful we often are after having relied on their kindness and guidance for so many years, and then putting them aside and neglecting them.

Well, there are of course NGOs and a lot of good people who are addressing this unfortunate situation. My ambition is, through my specific field of expertise and using my own methods, to give back to our elders a part of what they have done for us over the years.

This is why I am constantly analyzing the role Yoga can play in promoting rejuvenation of the mind and body.

It is an undisputed fact that the aging process cannot be reversed but my humble opinion is that it may be slowed down significantly so that people, even in their 80s, continue to feel good and keep a dynamic character.

Therefore, In a friendly spirit, I invite you to consider joining us. Be assured that you will receive a warm welcome and our long-lasting personal attention.”

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Why the name Yoganeedam

Yoga-Needam means a place where a group, a society, or the whole world lives united as a family by connecting and sharing their love for each other.

After a lot of research we considered many different names to express our mission. We finally opted for Yoganeedam, a unique name we found in the ancient book, Rigveda, as it fully encapsulates our intentions and the sense we give to our mission.

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Yoganeedam initial funding

This institution is the idea of Mr. Vineet Panday who used his own savings to build-up this original platform. There is no philanthropic or business sponsorship.

Yoganeedam initial funding

The Yoganeedam team also decided that a small portion of each class’s income would be collected to build one of Asia’s finest old age homes where seniors can be taken care of while sharing their own wisdom with younger generations.

This institution will be called Divaspadam which means Paradise. We subscribe to the belief outlined in traditional Indian education that “the place where people get guidance from their elders is far more precious and beautiful than Heaven”. We believe whole-heartedly in this statement.

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