Relaxation Class

In our relaxation class, you'll discover an array of methods to unwind and rejuvenate both your body and mind.

Relaxation class

Our relaxation class offers you different ways to explore your body and mind and relax. Whether it’s through deep breathing exercises, mindfulness techniques, or gentle stretches, you’ll find a path to tranquility that resonates with you.




Mature and Seniors


15 Days


A relaxed body and mind is needed for Meditation.

Yoganeedam Approach

We train in all related techniques so you understand each one and adopt the one you are the most comfortable with. You will also learn how to control your emotions and each part of your body, as well as how to heal yourself using your mental power.

15-day mandatory class

This 15-day initial session will allow us to assess what is best for you in terms of exercises and follow-up. At the end of this period, you will receive an email from Yoganeedam, in which you will find your instructor’s observations day by day. we will then discuss with you and agree on the right program.

The schedule for 15-day mandatory introductory class is :

  • First week: Awareness of breathing sequence, difference between inhalation and exhalation, better breathing process, the first step of understanding how balanced breathing helps us towards meditation.
  • Second week: Connecting movements with breathing, flexibility, understanding the body’s interface, the movements of the body, and adjustment of the body and mind.

Cost of 15-day mandatory class : 250 USD ($16/hour)

Medium of class

Yoganeedam is an online institution, and all its services are provided online, using the following modes:

Individual classes: Skype, Google Meet, Zoom, WhatsApp, Telegram, Google Duo

Group classes: Skype, Google Meet, Zoom, WhatsApp (if no other option available)

Please note: If you miss your individual class, you are welcome to join a group class on the same day. If you opt for this, we will send you a link.

Duration of class

Meditation class last for one hour. It consists of 10 minutes of warm-up followed by relaxation and Yoganeedam special meditation techniques

Monthly class fee structure

5 Classes in a week (20 classes in a month)


300 USD ($15/hour)

Group of 2

250 USD per person ($12.50/hour)

Group of 4

150 USD per person ($7.50/hour)
3 Classes in a week (12 classes in a month)


250 USD ($20.80/hour)

Group of 2

200 USD per person ($16.60/hour)

Group of 4

125 USD per person ($10.46/hour)
Weekend (8 classes in a month)


200 USD ($25/hour)

Group of 2

175 USD per person ($21.90/hour)

Group of 4

100 USD per person ($12.50/hour)
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